1. Curbside Appeal

  • Keep landscaping neat and tidy!
  • Have a clear view of the front of the home.
  • Add a bright color to your front door, a strong blue or red will look amazing and catch the buyer’s eye!

2. Kitchen Upgrades

  • Adding light to the kitchen is key! Light colored cabinets and flooring are very attractive to today’s buyers.
  • Limit above counter cabinets .
  • Get stainless steel appliances.

3. Boosts to the Bedroom

Make a Walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Be sure to leave as much empty space as you can , when you show your home!

💰 How to Price Your Home 💰

  • Check out the competition
  • Look for kitchens and bathrooms to compare
  • Look at the last 5 houses that SOLD , then take a 10% average.

How To Market Your Home

House photos and virtual tour are key here! the better you look online, the more buyers you will attract. Play up any amenities that imply GOOD HEALTH !

Highlight features that are popular during the pandemic:

  • Big back yard
  • Deck , open or closed patio
  • Fruit trees
  • Garden 👉 flower or vegetable

Adhering to CDC Guidelines

Housing is an essential need and Realtors in Florida need to continue to work to provide it, but only in a safe format. Florida Realtors, the Florida Land Title Association and the Florida Home Builders Association asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to consider real estate transactions and title recording essential services which should remain active, pledging to adopt steps to minimize health and safety risks for practitioners and customers. 

While some sellers are deciding to pull their homes off the market and try to sell at a different time, that may not be an option for everyone.

With that in mind, if you are trying to sell your home in this market, there are some things that you can do to help keep everyone involved as safe and healthy as possible. Read on below to learn more.

   1. Creating
a video tour

As a critical part of our creative
marketing process, we hire top professionals to handle the picture taking to
show off the BEST features of your home. By creating a video tour, this will allow
potential buyers a sense of the layout of you home, before they see it in

Our MLS and many of our advertising websites allow agents to
upload video files to listings in addition to photos.

Ultimately, it will help give them a better idea of whether your
home could be a good fit for them.

On your end, when selling your home, it will also help to limit the amount of traffic going through your home to only those buyers who have serious interest in your property.

View our Sellers Guide: A Complete Guide to Selling Your Home

2. Clean your home before and after showings

While you should always clean your home before showings,when selling your home these days, this task is taking on a new level of importance. Be sure to clean your home as thoroughly as you can before and after any scheduled showings in order to create the safest possible environment for everyone involved.

You may also want to have a selection of personal hygiene products like hand sanitizer available for buyers to use while they are viewing your home.

3. Use our e-signing program to negotiate contracts

Once you do get an offer, you can
handle it digitally. Thanks to technology, we use a VERY ‘user friendly’
e-signing program, so that you can sign contracts without having to go into an
office and meet with your agent.

If you’re unfamiliar with this
process, lean on us for assistance. We are here to walk you through the process,
every step of the way!  That way, you can
get your questions answered before you sign on the dotted line.

 Don’t be afraid to take a

There’s so much uncertainty around the virus that everyone must use their best judgement on how to stay safe. When selling your home, don’t be afraid to take a break from marketing your home if you feel that’s what’s best. We are in this together!