Home Improvement Projects with the Best ROI to get the BEST home value !

Linda Marotto
Linda Marotto
Published on April 25, 2019

Not all home improvement projects are created equal

Trying to figure out which home improvement projects will give you the most bang for your buck? Your best bet is to CLICK HERE -> CONTACT ME TODAY!! Let me help you with this VERY important “MUST DO” task.  A little home staging  and freshly painted interior and exterior walls , will make a HUGE impact on the sale of your home!

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Check out these suggestions:



The Most Important thing: Prepacking!!

The absolute most important element of home staging is decluttering. If you don’t need it every single day, it shouldn’t be out. Would you pack it to take on vacation? Nope? Then you don’t need it while your house is on the market.

Next:  Decorate in scenes

You can start the fun part: decorating. Don’t spend a lot on decor for home staging. Instead, I got all of my decor items out and put them where I could see them. Then, I went around the house creating vignettes in each room. A vignette is like a little picture-perfect scene that’s part of a bigger picture.

Finally : CONTACT ME! Let’s get it on the market! (or you wish it was), this time next week you could be preparing for appraisals, inspections, and closings. Or you could be wishing that you knew what to do to get your house show-ready before it hit the market three weeks ago.

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