Home Selling Tips 2021

Linda Marotto
Linda Marotto
Published on February 3, 2021
Home Selling Tips 2021
Follow these home selling tips 2021 to get your home SOLD!

If you are looking to sell your home FAST, and really want to profit THOUSANDS of dollars more than your neighbors did when they recently sold their home, then follow this EASY step-by-step guide when selling your home!

This home selling tips 2021 checklist, will make a WOW! Statement for the buyers! Follow this easy system, and you are sure to sell quickly and for top dollar!

☐ Clean and pressure wash the outside of the house.

☐ Clean rain gutters, wash windows and screens.

☐ Be sure the front door looks inviting. Painting it can make a huge difference!

☐ Replace any outdoor fixtures and bulbs.

☐ Check for any water stains and paint if necessary. Eliminate any buyer concerns of problems.

☐ Buy new house address numbers if they are faded or missing. Be sure buyers can see the new numbers from the street.

☐ Buy a new Welcome mat, that really says ‘Welcome’

☐ Eliminate half of your belongings, literally! Clutter can cost you the sale!! Buyers cannot see through your stuff, making it impossible for buyers to visualize their new living space. They will be thinking your house is too small.

So, get packing! You are moving!

HOme Selling Tips 2021

☐ Rent a storage or POD for extra pieces of furniture, housewares, and clothes.

☐ Organize all closets and draws. Buyers will peek in!

☐ Make any necessary repairs, especially ones that are obvious, so that buyers will not add them to their list of expenses.

☐ Rearrange furniture to make rooms look as large as possible.

☐ Make every surface shine, from ceiling fans to baseboards.

Do not forget interior windows, mirrors, and floors.

☐ Scrub every inch of the kitchen and bathrooms.

☐ Depersonalize each room, removing pictures and trophies. Let the buyers see themselves living there.

☐ Buy new linens and pillows if necessary. Be certain they are neutral colors.

☐ Buy an air neutralizer and spray it often. An inviting candle (when you are home) can be a great addition. There should not be any lingering food or pet odors.

☐ Be sure the house is a few degrees cooler than you usually have the temperature set at. Buyers are looking for a new home that will feel comfortable in.

Replace lightbulbs outside, too, because many prospects will attend a daytime showing, then drive by later on to see what the house is like in the evening hours.

When buyers enter your home, you want them to feel at home.

They will notice and appreciate the time you took to get your home ready for sale. Give them plenty of time to look around inside and outside.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House?

Whether it is your first time selling your home, or you’ve sold a home before, the home-selling process can be complicated. Use this book as a guide to save thousands of dollars when selling your home, even if you decide to hire an agent. I’m here to help you sell your home by owner.

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